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Advertising & Marketing

Aardvark Mobile Tours is a performance-driven one-stop-shop for everything around experiential marketing and advertising. We have years of experience working with the biggest brands and their agencies to help them solve their experiential advertising needs. Whether you are an experiential advertising agency or are an independent consultant, we have everything you need to make your next promotional event stand out, be out of the ordinary, and reimagine what experiential marketing can be.


Nick Cannon craved pre-show buzz for his brand new talk show, and The Michael Alan Group reached out to Aardvark. The result? A cutting-edge glass truck that transformed into a buzzing barbershop and chic nail salon. Our New York City program hit multiple hotspots daily, giving people a chance to snag a fresh cut or a killer manicure while chilling with the one and only Nick Cannon.

From designing the truck to providing the driver and handling all logistics, Aardvark Mobile Tours took the lead. This wasn’t just an event; it was an unforgettable experience for fans, skyrocketing awareness for the new show. Because when it comes to creating waves, we roll in with style!


Aardvark joined forces with NA Collective to launch Johnsonville’s sizzling new Italian sausages. Picture this: custom mobile kitchens cruising through the streets of Chicago, delivering mouthwatering dishes to hungry consumers!

We hooked Johnsonville up with sleek tiny home trailers, top-notch mobile kitchens, and not one, not two, but three rockstar drivers. Oh, and did we mention there was major content video shoot? Yeah, we handled all the behind-the-scenes magic, making it an epic experience.

The result? A marketing feast that left no one hungry and made taste buds happy with the new Italian Sausages by Johnsonville.


Aardvark threw down with Sons of Summer to cook up a wild collab with Pizza Hut and Freeform. A custom glass truck cruised through the streets of Philly, not just spreading Christmas cheer but serving up hot slices of pizza and surprises to the city’s coolest folks!

We didn’t just create an experiential campaign; we unleashed a festive Pop Up Santa experience! Come inside for pizza, walk out with what is on your Christmas list!

Pizza Hut’s holiday magic and Freeform’s Famous in Love got the spotlight they deserved. Naughty or nice, everyone got a taste of the holiday hype! This wasn’t a just a win, this was a holiday ho-ho-homerun!

We are the Experiential Advertising & Marketing Experts

We are leaders within the experiential marketing and advertising industry. With years of experience we help brands, independent consultants, and marketing agencies create and execute experiential events that will take their marketing efforts to the next level.

We offer a wide range of services, including event planning and operations, mobile tours, and custom experiential vehicles. We can create experiences that are both engaging, informative, and that will help you connect with your target audience on a deeper level.

Whether you are looking to launch a new product, promote a brand, or simply generate buzz, we can help you create an unforgettable experiential event. Contact us today to learn more, let’s make marketing magic.

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At Aardvark, we’re your one-stop destination for everything in the world of experiential marketing and advertising. Check out our other experiential events, product launches and sampling events. We handle everything from planning to seamless execution, versatility is our secret weapon in crafting experiences that leave everyone talking.

We Produce Mobile Tours

Aardvark Mobile Tours is a performance-driven one-stop-shop mobile tour vendor serving some of the world’s biggest brands and their agencies.


From consultation to fabrication, tour operations and KPI reporting, our neurotic attention to detail and solutions-based approach drives results while giving you peace of mind.