Food Trucks

Food Trucks

We are experts at building custom food trucks and promoting food brands. We have worked with some of the biggest food brands to create custom vehicles, manage tours, and provide the necessary licenses and logistics.

We can take your new product launch to the next level with a custom food truck. We can create a truck that is unique to your brand, but also plan and execute a full tour that will generate excitement and awareness for your product.

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Aardvark Mobile Tours partnered with Rubik Marketing to whip up a custom food truck for Ortega’s sizzling new Street Taco Kits.

A mobile fiesta zooming through 14 different markets, our taco wonderland treated customers to mouthwatering taco samples that left taste buds doing the cha-cha. This experiential marketing sampling wasn’t just a hit; it was a sensation, turning potential customers into die-hard taco enthusiasts and unleashing a wave of excitement for Ortega’s hot new product. When Aardvark and Rubik Marketing team up, it’s not just marketing; it’s a taco party you won’t want to miss!

Amy Schumer

Calling all Spring Breakers! When Pop2Life wanted to kick the promotion for the second season of Inside Amy Schumer into high gear, they dialed up Aardvark. This custom food truck cruised through Florida to ignite Spring Break and distribute chicken fries to all. The bright yellow branding, large mascot of finger-shaped chicken pieces and buckets drew crowds like magnets, all for that perfect Instagram moment.

Aardvark took the reins, handling everything from catering collaborations to tracking down the most finger-licking chicken fries in town – all while managing the entire program with flair. But here’s the show-stopper – the final stop in the concrete jungle, New York City, where the queen herself, Amy Schumer, made a surprise appearance! It was a sizzling success that turned heads, tickled taste buds, and set social media on fire.


A BBQ bonanza that roared across the nation! Crispin Porter Bogusky dialed up Aardvark to do what we do best! This was no ordinary food truck; this was a 3-ton, 200-horsepower pig truck, ready to bring the flavor-packed Garland Jack’s BBQ sauce to fans far and wide.

This custom food truck designed to resemble a pig, every inch a masterpiece crafted by a professional muralist.

The Summer of Sauce’um tour clocked over 5,000 miles, leaving a trail of BBQ bliss in its wake. Fans across the country didn’t just get sauce; they got an experience, a sizzling adventure that introduced Garland Jack’s BBQ sauce to a hungry, wider audience.

Ore-Ida / Frozen

A cross-country potato party that turned heads! Aardvark collaborated with the masterminds at Rubik Marketing, Ore-Ida, and the enchanting world of Disney’s Frozen to craft a food truck from Philadelphia to the sunny streets of Los Angeles.

A custom wonder on wheels, a culinary roadshow showcasing the best of Ore-Ida’s irresistible product line. At every stop, fans indulged in a smorgasbord of potato delights, transforming each tour location into a flavor-packed hotspot.

Hold onto your spuds because it gets even better! Attendees didn’t just devour delicious treats; they entered the realm of prizes, with giveaways ranging from movie tickets and gift cards to free Ore-Ida products and, wait for it, a free trip to the Bahamas!

Ore-Ida and Disney were not just pleased; they were ecstatic with the whirlwind of potato love that swept the nation. When Aardvark, Rubik Marketing, Ore-Ida, and Disney’s Frozen unite, it’s not just a tour; it’s a spud-tacular journey that leaves fans craving for more!

We are the Experiential food truck Experts

We know how to promote your food brand and reach your target audience. Our experience with experiential food trucks gives us a unique perspective on how to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

Whether you need a custom food truck built, a design for an experiential marketing vehicle, or just a certified driver for your next food product launch, we have you covered.

We can help you create a memorable and engaging experience for your customers that will leave them wanting more. We understand the power of food to connect people, and we use that power to assist marketing campaigns that are both effective and unforgettable.

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