Fashion & Beauty

Fashion & Beauty

Take your fashion or beauty brand to the next level with an experiential mobile tour from Aardvark. We have a proven track record of working with leading companies in the industry to create immersive and engaging experiences that connect with customers on a deeper level.


Buckle up for a beauty blitz like never before! We partnered up with the powerhouse, Mirrorball, to whip up a fully functional, on-the-go beauty salon for none other than L’Oréal – and we pulled off this glam spectacle in just two weeks!

We produced a shipping container turned into a haven of beauty, featuring $10,000 custom mirrors, hair washing stations with hot and cold water, and displays that are the epitome of luxurious. Our Tour Managers didn’t just watch from the sidelines. They were the gurus of coordination orchestrating the setup at every event, handling negotiations, tackling security head-on, navigating the tricky terrain of permits and DOT, and rocking the budgets like it’s second nature.

This was a passion project to redefine beauty on the move with the iconic L’Oréal touch!


Aardvark along with The Michael Alan Group and Almay to kick off the nationwide Simply American road trip, and let me tell you, it was a summer to remember!
With built-in makeup vanity stations, a rolling glam squad ready to conquer the nation, we rolled out mobile beauty haven. We weren’t just handing out freebies; we were doling out empowerment, celebrating female service members, military wives, and their incredible families.

Free products? Check! Products for sale? Double-check! But here’s the kicker – free makeovers that turned heads and left a trail of confident smiles all along the route. Because when Almay, The Michael Alan Group, and Aardvark unite, it’s not just a road trip; it’s a beauty revolution!


Get ready to slam dunk into the epic world of basketball magic! When 94×50 and Nike teamed up with Aardvark for the World Basketball Festival in the heart of New York City, they didn’t just want a tour bus – they wanted a fully-fabricated custom masterpiece that would turn heads and own the court.

This masterpiece had to make a grand entrance all the way from California to the concrete jungle of NYC. Challenge accepted! Aardvark stepped up to the plate, providing not just a Class B CDL driver but an expert of the road, navigating the beast of a bus through the country and hitting prime locations in the Big Apple.

We weren’t just about the drive; we were about the thrive. Aardvark arranged insurance, permits, expenses, overnight storage – you name it, we conquered it! It was a project that demanded more than just planning; it needed a slam dunk of attention to detail.

And it was a slam dunk like no other…. when you come to Aardvark we don’t just play the game; we own it!

We are the Experiential Fashion and Beauty Experts

If you are a fashion or beauty company looking to create an experiential project, Aardvark Studios is the perfect partner for you. We have years of experience working with leading fashion and beauty companies to create, manage, and deliver on large-scale marketing projects.

Check out some of our experiential fashion and beauty work above, and get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help you make your next event unforgettable.

Check out our other Experiential Options

At Aardvark we do much more than just experiential fashion and beauty events, we’re your one-stop shop for all your experiential event needs. Whether it’s a experiential marketing for a product launch, food truck, or you need an experiential marketing vehicle, let’s make marketing magic. Check out our other offerings and let us know how we can help.

About Aardvark Studios

Located just outside Philadelphia, Aardvark Studios focuses on mobile tours, experiential marketing & location based entertainment with full in-house capabilities.

Services include:

  • Creative Design
  • Design Engineering
  • Full Service Fabrication
  • Comprehensive Tech Integration
  • Field Operations
  • Onsite Installation
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Warehousing & Storage

Our expertise in all things experiential empowers us to push boundaries, crafting unforgettable experiences that captivate and engage audiences. We bring your brand to life!