Product Launches

Product Launches

Build the perfect product launch with an experiential activation from Aardvark. We can drive momentum and engagement for your newest product launch through experiential marketing. We have years of experience helping brands gain exposure and awareness. Contact us to find out how we can help you achieve your product launch goals.

W Hotels

W Hotels craved a yoga extravaganza, and BMF Media knew Aardvark was the key to turning it into a citywide spectacle! We didn’t just create a glass box truck; we birthed a moving yoga haven, cruising through the Big Apple with a celebrity yoga guru inside, unleashing poses and spreading serenity.

This freshly painted glass truck, wrapped in high-res graphics, made heads turn as it cut through the NYC hustle.

But we didn’t stop at aesthetics. Aardvark brought the whole package – an experienced driver steering the serenity, insurance, expense management handled like a pro, and logistical support. Because when Aardvark joins the wellness game, it’s not just about driving; it’s about providing peace of mind!


Aardvark didn’t just play a role; we stole the show in Avon’s grand unveiling of the signature perfume, In Bloom with Reese Witherspoon. As the maestros behind Avon’s experiential event, we didn’t settle for ordinary – we owned Times Square like never before!

A takeover of the Good Morning America studio that transformed into an immersive wonderland. Custom displays and set designs turned the mundane into an Avon-scented fantasy, and a VIP meet and greet with the radiant Reese Witherspoon added that exclusive touch that screams glamour.

But we didn’t stop there. A squad of brand ambassadors hit the streets, distributing product samples like confetti in Times Square, ensuring Avon’s fragrance took over the city. And to top it all off, we secured the surrounding digital billboards, turning Times Square into a sensory explosion of In Bloom w/ Reese Witherspoon ads. Aardvark and Avon – where fragrance dreams come to life!

We are the Experiential Product Launch Experts

Aardvark is the one-stop shop for experiential marketing and product launches. We have experience across various industries and can help your new product gain momentum and awareness.

Check out our past experiential product launch clients, and get in touch with us today to find out how we can help your new product launch be the best yet.

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We offer a wide range of experiential marketing services, from product launches, entertainment promotions to custom vehicles. We have years of experience creating and managing experiential events that engage and excite consumers. Learn more about our offerings and contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve your marketing goals.

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