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Glass Trucks

At Aardvark we offer glass box trucks that can help you stand out and turn heads at your next marketing event. These trucks are a great way to spark engagement and let everyone see exactly what you are working with. No matter what industry your company is in, a glass box truck can help you gain awareness, build buzz, and let your potential customers experience your brand in a whole new way.


LinkedIn wanted to create some buzz by giving out free headshots, but they weren’t sure how to make that happen. Their agency, Manifold called us at Aardvark, and we had the perfect idea.

We built a glass truck complete with a full-size photo studio inside. People were able to come into the truck, stand in front of a backdrop, and get their headshots taken by a professional photographer.

Since this was a custom glass box truck, everyone on the street could see exactly what was going on inside. LinkedIn not only helped people with their careers, but they also gained a ton of awareness. The promo event went off without a hitch.


W Hotels wanted to celebrate the launch of their new fitness program with an eye-catching experiential event. They knew they needed something that would grab people’s attention, so their agency, BMF media contacted Aardvark.

Working with their team we fabricated a custom glass box truck that would house a celebrity yoga influencer who would do yoga poses inside while the truck made various stops throughout New York City.

This was a unique and innovative way to promote the new fitness program, and it was sure to get people’s attention. The glass box truck was eye-catching and attention-grabbing, and it allowed people to see the celebrity yoga influencer in action.

The event was a huge success. People were stopping and staring at the glass truck, and many people were snapping pics as they walked by. The event helped to generate a lot of buzz for the new fitness program, and it was a great way to promote W Hotels.


Party City contacted us at Aardvark during the height of the pandemic to create a custom glass box truck. We provided Party City with a glass truck, a tour manager, and a driver to take their exhibit all around Las Vegas. The goal of the campaign was to encourage kids to still celebrate Halloween in a safe way, given the recent pandemic. Party City wanted to bring the store to people, help kids find costumes, and reduce the risk of them going into stores and catching COVID.

The campaign was a huge success, as everyone wanted to see exactly what Party City had to offer in their awesome new glass box truck. The truck traveled to different neighborhoods in Las Vegas, and people lined up to see the exhibits and purchase costumes. The campaign was a great way for Party City to reach a new audience of potential customers and to promote their Halloween products in a safe and innovative way.

We are the GLASS TRUCK Experts

Aardvark is a leading provider of custom glass box trucks for marketing events. We can help you design and create a custom glass box truck that perfectly suits your needs. We can also help you plan your mobile tour, including choosing the right cities to visit and scheduling the dates and times of your stops. We can also provide a tour manager to take care of all the details for your trip across the country.

We have a proven track record of success, and we are a one-stop shop for all your custom glass box truck needs. Our team has years of experience in the experiential marketing industry, so we can help you create a truly memorable event.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create a successful marketing event with our custom glass box trucks.

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Aardvark is a leader in creating experiential vehicles. We offer a variety of different models, including billboard trucks, double expandable trailers, shipping containers, and more. If a glass box truck isn’t for you, we encourage you to check out our other models. Billboard trucks are perfect for large-scale advertising campaigns. Double expandable trailers are great for trade shows and other events where you need a lot of space. Shipping containers can be converted into a variety of different spaces, such as retail stores, offices, or even mobile bars.

We can work with you to create a vehicle that perfectly suits your needs and your budget. Contact us today to learn more about our experiential vehicles and how we can help you create a successful event.

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