Sports & Sponsorship

Sports & Sponsorship

Aardvark Studios is your one-stop shop for sponsorship events. We have years of experience working with some of the biggest sports brands in the world, and we know how to create sponsorships that are both effective and engaging.

We can help you with everything from identifying the right sponsorship opportunities to executing the sponsorship plan. We will work with you to create a sponsorship that is aligned with your brand goals and that will reach your target audience.

Jersey Mike's

Van Wagner dialed Aardvark to transform a trailer into the ultimate Jersey Mike’s mobile pop-up sampling experience for the College Tailgate tour. The direction was to mimic the Jersey Mikes retail stores from overall look, feel to colors and finishes. The goal was to get Jersey Mikes subs in the hands of college students nationwide and increase their app downloads.

Aardvark provided a certified driver and tour manager to manage this experiential sampling program. This dynamic duo wasn’t just managing; they were conducting an epic tour that crisscrossed campuses, bringing the taste of Jersey Mike’s to eager fans nationwide.

From familiar faces to fresh enthusiasts, the tour was a sensation, fostering connections, creating new fanatics, and stirring up a storm of excitement for Jersey Mike’s. The tour was proven successful with a significant increase in Jersey Mikes app downloads it hit the road again and again and is now a yearly program for Jersey Mikes.

American Legion

American Legion wanted to maximize its IndyCar sponsorship and reach more Veterans with the Be The One campaign…so they called Aardvark. We engineered a powerhouse custom vehicle to catapult the American Legion’s IndyCar sponsorship!

Veterans were encouraged to sign the “Wall of Honor” to etch their legacy in ink as well as pick up some free exclusive swag. An MC hosting the event and flag-raising ceremony with the occasional IndyCar driver popping by offered loads of excitement and created major buzz at the tracks. But it wasn’t just about drawing crowds; it was about making a mark. The truck became more than metal and wheels; it became a catalyst for increased member sign-ups, a fountainhead for charitable donations, and the pulse that amplified the American Legion’s at-track experience to a thunderous roar.

AMEX / Golden State Warriors

Aardvark created the American Express Fan Van for Momentum Worldwide, alongside American Express and the Golden State Warriors.

This wasn’t your average van; it was a customized powerhouse with a regulation-sized basketball hoop ready to emerge at the push of a button. Shot clocks? Check! A custom sound system with multiple microphones? Double-check! The interior wasn’t just storage; it was a fortress for the tour’s assets, and the exterior dazzled with a high-resolution graphics wrap that stole the show.

Aardvark rolled in with a certified driver, not just any driver but an asset to the Momentum team! And the logistics? We owned them – insurance, expense management, DOT, and everything in between. The Fan Van became a staple at the Golden State Warrior home games for 2 seasons!

NBC / Nascar

Civic Entertainment Group tapped into the Aardvark magic, and what started as a transport mission became a full-blown adrenaline-fueled event!

Initially tasked with transporting the massive bumper car ride to NASCAR races, we hit a speed bump with ownership. But did we back down? Heck no! Aardvark went all-in, swooping in to buy, register, and insure the beast. We even threw in a special amusement policy, turning potential roadblocks into pit stops on the road to excitement.

From setup to operation, cleaning to maintenance, and the adrenaline-pumping journey to the next race, Aardvark was at the helm, making every pit stop a thrill. We weren’t just managing a bumper car; we were executing high-octane machines, handling budgets, D.O.T., logistics, and providing a seamless point of contact to keep the excitement rolling.

We are the Experiential Sponsorship Experts

Aardvark Studios is the go-to partner for experiential sponsorship events. We have years of experience working with sports brands to create memorable and engaging experiences that reach their target audience.

Whether you are an independent consultant, a marketing agency, or a brand, we can help you take your sponsorship event to the next level. We offer a wide range of services, including fabricating custom vehicles, event management, or collecting the necessary permits and logistics. Check out our past work above to see what we can do, and contact us today to learn more about how we can help you make your next sponsorship event a success.

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We are more than just a sponsorship event company. We are the one-stop shop for everything experiential marketing and advertising. We can help you with everything from product launches to sampling events. . Check out the other work from our team of experts and let’s connect on your next experiential event.

About Aardvark Studios

Located just outside Philadelphia, Aardvark Studios focuses on mobile tours, experiential marketing & location based entertainment with full in-house capabilities.

Services include:

  • Creative Design
  • Design Engineering
  • Full Service Fabrication
  • Comprehensive Tech Integration
  • Field Operations
  • Onsite Installation
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Warehousing & Storage

Our expertise in all things experiential empowers us to push boundaries, crafting unforgettable experiences that captivate and engage audiences. We bring your brand to life!