Sampling Trucks & Events

Sampling Trucks & Events

Branded sampling trucks are a great way to engage with customers and promote your company. By giving away free samples of your products, you can generate excitement and awareness among potential customers.

Aardvark Mobile Tours can help you create a custom sampling truck that is perfect for your brand. We can also help you deliver the truck to your location and manage the entire experiential event. We are experienced and performance-driven marketers, so working with us will ensure that your event will be a success.

Ready Nutrition

Aardvark Mobile Tours didn’t just build a truck; we crafted a show-stopping, eye-catching masterpiece that was the heartbeat of Ready Nutrition’s “Lean and Clean” Mobile Tour.

This dazzling sampling truck embarked on a journey through multiple states, becoming a rolling oasis of free samples of Ready Light, the latest sensation from Ready Nutrition. It wasn’t just about drinks; it was spreading the vibrant energy of the Ready Nutrition product line far and wide.

Ready Nutrition’s product line didn’t just grow; it exploded onto the scene, with the colorful truck serving as the beacon of a nutritional revolution.

When Aardvark steps in, it’s not just about construction; it’s about creating a mobile masterpiece that elevates brands and turns tours into unforgettable journeys.

Wendy's FruiTea Chillers

BeCore wanted to shake things up for Wendy’s new FruiTea Chillers, and that’s when Aardvark stepped in to craft a custom sampling truck – it was a beverage sensation on wheels!

The truck was decked out with state-of-the-art equipment, a culinary dreamland ready to introduce Wendy’s fans to the refreshing world of FruiTea Chillers.

This sampling tour was a whirlwind of excitement that set taste buds tingling. The custom sampling truck became the mobile catalyst that spread the Wendy’s FruiTea Chiller fever across NYC.

Chewy Granola

Quaker’s new product Chewy Granola was about to take the market by storm, but it needed a launch that would match. That’s where Motive agency stepped in, seeking Aardvark’s expertise to create a fully interactive, hands-on experience that would leave consumers wanting more.  And so the Chewy Play Wagon was born! A custom-designed mini school bus with interactive games that had kids and their families going wild. From a marble run to bean bag toss, coloring board, and building blocks, the Chewy Play Wagon has it all.

Consumers sampled the newly launched granola, took home some Chewy Granola bars, along with a discount coupon for more. The highlight of the day was taking a photo in a custom-designed GIANT bowl of Quaker Chewy Granola! Aardvark not only hired the Tour Manager and Driver to manage every aspect of the program, but also provided logistical support and warehouse and inventory management. It was an experience like no other, and one that left a lasting impression!

We are the Sampling Event Experts

We are the experts when it comes to sampling events. We have worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry to create sampling trucks that have helped expand their brand’s reach and awareness.

We can do it all, from creating a custom sampling truck to providing certified drivers and obtaining the necessary permits. We will work with you to create a sampling event that is tailored to your specific needs and budget.

Check out our sampling event work to see exactly what we can do. Contact us today to find out how we can assist your upcoming marketing campaign.

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