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Mobile Pop-Up Shops

Mobile Pop-Up Shops

Looking to create a unique and engaging customer experience? Say hello to the superhero of the retail world – the mobile pop-up shop! It’s your brand’s secret weapon, a content machine, generating buzz that can be felt for miles.

Aardvark Studios specializes in producing, designing, and creating custom mobile pop-up shops. Whether you’re a brand, agency, or independent contractor, let’s ditch the ordinary and make your connection with potential customers feel like a party they won’t want to leave!

Alexander Wang / ADIDAS

For the grand stage of New York City’s fashion week, the collaboration between Alexander Wang and Adidas demanded a showcase as unique as their partnership. Enter Droga5, seeking Aardvark’s expertise, and we were more than ready for the challenge.

What unfolded was nothing short of brilliance – not one, but two vehicles, meticulously produced, operated, and managed. Picture a box truck seamlessly paired with a custom glass truck, metamorphosed into a chic pop-up shop. Within this mobile marvel, a surprise product launch was brewing, and the anticipation reached such heights that the Alexander Wang x Adidas merchandise vanished in a blink at every pop-up location across the city.

The aftermath? A surge in revenue, a symphony of social buzz, and a cascade of press coverage. This wasn’t just a merch drop; it was a masterclass in exclusivity, showcasing the unparalleled effectiveness of a custom pop-up shop.

Amidst the glamour of models and the allure of fashion, it was the trucks that stole the limelight. Sleek, modern, and irresistibly eye-catching, they transformed the experience for Alexander Wang and Adidas.

Kate Spade

Cue the spotlight for the dazzling “Florence Broadhurst Tour” by Kate Spade and A2G! When the stakes were high and perfection was the only option, Aardvark swooped in as the secret ingredient. Kate Spade had envisioned a pop-up shop like no other, and when it came to navigating the complexities of managing logistics, transportation, and flawless setup, Aardvark were the pros they needed.

Enter the Aardvark dream team – a skilled driver and a seasoned tour manager, a powerhouse team ready to turn this vision into a reality that defied imagination. Our certified driver expertly piloted the pop-up shop across diverse locations, while our tour managers worked tirelessly, creating and dismantling the dream setup day in and day out.

From the dazzling streets of New York to the sun-soaked avenues of LA, the vibrant vibes of Seattle, and the eclectic energy of Austin, Aardvark was the unseen force ensuring Kate Spade’s dream tour unfolded as a breathtaking reality beyond all expectations.


Get ready to redefine luxury with eBay’s launch of The Luxe Line! Aardvark rolled out a show-stopping mobile consignment concierge van for Edelman’s client eBay, with a custom setup featuring a sleek vending window and display cases that’ll make your heart skip a beat. Elevating the game, this in-person luxury experience lets you have your prized handbags appraised, photographed, and consigned on the spot by eBay pros. Glamour hit the streets, and The Luxe Line made its mark in LA and Las Vegas during the holidays!

We are the Mobile Pop Up Experts

We’re the pros who don’t just dream up designs, we make them burst into reality. We have extensive experience creating and designing mobile pop-up shops for major brands and agencies. But we’re not just bringing you pop-ups – we’re delivering experiences, providing certified drivers, and skilled program managers who practically have PhDs in making campaigns awesome.

If you are looking for a mobile pop-up trailer for your brand look no further than Aardvark Studios. Experiential marketing? We wrote the playbook. Your goals? Consider them conquered.

Don’t just take our word for it, check out our jaw-dropping mobile pop-up shop projects. Reach out, and let’s plot the course for your upcoming campaign!

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At Aardvark Studios, we’re not just in the business of creating mobile pop-up shops – we’re the experts in creating custom mobile showrooms, retail trailers, and providing design and logistics for your projects…and we have fun doing it!

With us by your side, you’re not just creating an experience – you’re crafting an adventure that’ll have potential customers grinning from ear to ear and your competition scratching their heads in awe.

Check out our experiential marketing work to see our custom mobile showrooms, retail trailers, and design/logistics services. Let’s get this show on the road, contact us today!

About Aardvark Studios

Located just outside Philadelphia, Aardvark Studios focuses on mobile tours, experiential marketing & location based entertainment with full in-house capabilities.

Services include:

  • Creative Design
  • Design Engineering
  • Full Service Fabrication
  • Comprehensive Tech Integration
  • Field Operations
  • Onsite Installation
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Warehousing & Storage

Our expertise in all things experiential empowers us to push boundaries, crafting unforgettable experiences that captivate and engage audiences. We bring your brand to life!