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Custom Builds

Whether you’re unveiling a new product, kickstarting a sponsorship, educating your customers, or connecting with the community, our meticulously crafted promotional vehicles redefine the ordinary. We specialize in creating out-of-the-box builds that transcend conventional norms. These are not your typical vehicles; they’re extraordinary vehicles designed to show your brand in a unique way.

Joe Fresh

We specialize in transforming imaginative concepts into eye-catching realities. For Joe Fresh, we custom-built a step van with a structural orange atop it, perfectly embodying their vibrant brand. This mobile boutique, stationed at Times Square NYC, became the go-to spot for JCP & Joe Fresh’s back-to-school shopping extravaganza. With its bright design and focus on kids’ clothing, it captured the attention of shoppers and passersby alike, showcasing the seamless fusion of creativity and functionality that defines Aardvark’s work.

Ultra Nutro Dog Food

In a testament to our expertise in custom builds, we spearheaded a transformative project for Ultra Nutro Dog Food. Tasked with promoting Nutro’s all-natural dog food,  we converted a step-van into a mobile dog house, complete with built-in dog bowls for our furry taste testers. Venturing onto the streets of Chicago and NYC, we employed guerrilla marketing tactics to spread the word. Across four weeks, our tour manager and driver navigated the cities, making stops at dog parks and high-traffic areas, introducing Nutro’s latest product to pet owners.

Garland Jack's

Crispin Porter Bogusky enlisted Aardvark Studios for the ultimate task, and what emerged was no ordinary food truck. Instead, what emerged was the pig truck – a 3-ton, 200-horsepower marvel on wheels! It stood as a testament to the artistry of a seasoned muralist. This wasn’t just any old vehicle; it was a canvas of culinary creativity, meticulously transformed to resemble a pig in all its glory. As it embarked on the Summer of Sauce’um tour, spanning over 5,000 miles, it left a trail of BBQ bliss in its wake, igniting taste buds from coast to coast.

Sunny D

We excel in bringing imaginative concepts to life. So, when Acosta reached out for an experiential event for Sunny D, we immediately envisioned a custom-built bus as the perfect solution. Working closely with their team, we transformed a 1970s VW bus into a retro masterpiece, complete with Sunny D branding and detachable surfboards on top! As the custom bus took to the road, it not only turned heads but also caused excitement wherever it went.

We Are The Custom Build Specialists

At Aardvark Studios, we are the experts in designing complex, out-of-the-ordinary custom built vehicles tailored for unforgettable experiences. We can help you design and create a unique vehicle that meets your specific needs and budget. If you are interested in having a custom vehicle designed and created for your next big marketing push, reach out to us today!


Aardvark is more than just custom build fabricators. We are able to help with anything related to experiential events. We work with brands to create completely custom experiential vehicles that are sure to grab your target audiences’ attention. If you need help creating an advertising trailer, a custom glass box truck, or even an airstream rental

Check out our other experiential vehicles and contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take your experiential event on tour.

About Aardvark Studios

Located just outside Philadelphia, Aardvark Studios focuses on mobile tours, experiential marketing & location based entertainment with full in-house capabilities.

Services include:

  • Creative Design
  • Design Engineering
  • Full Service Fabrication
  • Comprehensive Tech Integration
  • Field Operations
  • Onsite Installation
  • Ongoing Maintenance
  • Warehousing & Storage

Our expertise in all things experiential empowers us to push boundaries, crafting unforgettable experiences that captivate and engage audiences. We bring your brand to life!